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Corporate  //  Ethical Principles

General Code of Conducts

Our employees;

Are always moderate and reasonable in speech, behaviors and clothing styles. have a positive impact on their counterparts inside and outside the company by their respectful, moderate, humble, active and favorable behaviors. Are aware of the importance of interpersonal relationship in business, between superiors and subordinates, and between the company and customers as well. Know that the most important thing is to observe the relevant rules and legislation for all procedures and operations that they will execute. have necessary skills and experience in their career, and try to improve their general knowledge, professional expertise and learning. They fulfill the business responsibilities at their best using their values and attainment. Work systematically and well-organized. They intend to conclude their tasks and responsibilities on time and without error. Evaluate the proposals and opinions that reflect different points of view with a pacifying way, and make the most effective, appropriate and robust decisions for the company. try to find effective, realistic and applicable solutions for problems they faced during their works, using their senses and intellectual abilities shy away from religious, political and ethnic debates of any kind. They treat every person, inside or outside the company, equal, objective and impartial. Are aware of the company rule that prohibits drinking alcohol or being drunk in business hours. Are the persons who are honest, reliable and well-behaved, and take heed of moral issues in any case and negate to take action on ethical values. Go on their tasks meticulously and unselfishly in their departments, branches or sections while observing company benefits and objectivity, and paying attention to keeping the company’s business confidential. Use their best effort to increase the company’s profit and market share in a reliable way, and to retain the advantages gained against rivals.

Basic Responsibilities

1.1. The Use of the Company’s Resources

Our employees;

Use the company’s fixtures, materials and all other resources in an effective and economical way. They always pay attention to benefits of the firm when expending and consuming for the company, and observe the rules about the benefit-cost balance and saving principles.

They apply their personal, social and other rights fairly and in accordance with the general principles that were established in their favor.

They observe the benefits of the firm when using computers, software and hardware of the company, do not install unlicensed programs, nor use or copy the programs outside their authorization.

They know that all materials and tools of the company should be used only for businesses of the company, and avoid using them for their personal purposes.

1.2. Works outside the company

Our employees ;

  • Know that to work with another company in the group or outside the group is only possible by obtaining permission, decision and instructions from the Board of Directors of the Company.
  • They can take responsibilities in Chambers of Commerce, Stock Exchange or another occupational institution, and can work for non-profit organizations, and charity associations. However, they cannot use the name and resources of the company for that purpose, and cannot benefit from their positions in the company as well.
  • They cannot demand any kind of donation from customers or other employees, even if by the name of charity organizations or associations.
  • They never serve as an expert using their experience and position in the company without getting permission of the Board of Directors.
  • If they receive some requests or proposals for an interview or informative speech from a television, press or another media institution, they will submit such requests or proposals to the authorized persons or concerned departments of the company.
  • They will never participate in a political party, nor establish any relationship with them. They should in no case give support to a political party that may be construed monetary or spiritual backing.

1.3. Maintaining Confidentiality

Our employees;

  • Never share their professional knowledge and documents that they had due to their positions with unauthorized persons inside and outside the company for any purpose.
  • Never leak the personal and financial knowledge of customers and of the company out when they leave the company for any reason.
  • Know that any project, technical infrastructure, regulation, and other documentation they had produced or developed due to their task are properties of the company and they never can reveal and transmit such works and documents out of the company when they are responsible or leaving the company.
  • Do not discuss issues about their task out of office, and shy away from circumstances that may cause any negative appraisal or speculation.
  • Never share their personal rights, which should be known only by themselves with other persons inside or outside the company, and avoid criticism about the general company policies.

1.4. Conflict of Interests

Our employees;

  • Do not purchase movable or immovable properties of the company for their self interest or for their relatives when such properties are disposed of by the company.
  • Use the utmost care to observe the benefits of the company during their term of office, and avoid any actions and behaviors that may be interpreted to obtain unfair advantages towards themselves or their relatives.
  • Never establish manipulative connections with customers, and do not accept any gifts from them except inexpensive ones with only symbolic value.
  • Never enter any kind of loan agreement with customers, and stay away from any loan relations among the personnel as well.


2.1. Interpersonal Relations within the Company

Our employees;

  • Keep the office areas neat and tidy, and exhibit moderate behaviors to avoid annoying others at work.
  • Pay attention to keep regular hours strictly.
  • Inform their colleagues, and get permission from their superiors when they need to leave work during business hours.
  • Are willing to share their knowledge and experience in their expertise with other company employees.
  • Help inexperienced staff learn the business matters, and promote them in the profession. They do not burden their personal businesses to any employee who do not conform to the task, authorization and responsibility of that employee.
  • Shy away from actions that may bring about actual or potential risks for the company, and warn the employees they conduct that they should not to attempt similar operations.
  • If they are pressured to execute an unfair or illegal procedure by their superiors, which may jeopardize the company, they will inform the person who is at a higher rank than the superior about the subject in no time.

2.2. Customer Relations in Our Stores

Our employees;

  • Are aware of one of the most important things to sustain competitive advantages over rivals is to offer best services to the customers.
  • Pass on a business subject or operation handed over them to superiors or authorized persons or departments when it is beyond their scope of expertise or authorization.
  • Despite it is crucial not to cause a customer complaint, if a complaint is received due to inadvertent reasons, they take heed of any customer feedback and try to resolve the problem the customer faced, within the framework of the general rules and business principles of the company, and take measures against recurrence of the event which is subject of the displeasure.
  • Never perform any operations that should be done by the customer directly, even if the customer grants a power of attorney to the employee to act for him/her. Every kind of operations for the customer should be done by instructions of the customer, which is clear and open.

2.3. Relations with occupational institutions and other companies

Our employees;

  • Are free for true, complete and understandable exchange of information with occupational and other institutions on condition that such information shall not include secrets of the customer or of the company.
  • Do not state positive or negative opinions towards rivals or their services when they are performing their tasks, and do not comment on such matters.
  • They keep away any actions that may cause unfair rivalry when they work, and behave in accordance with the development of the sector and the country while doing their businesses, for maintaining the confidence on the telecommunication sector.